Designing products that respect people, animals and the planet, providing transparency to our customers, meeting their expectations in terms of information on product traceability – all these requirements are part of the foundations of the VoltAIRe plan. This is reflected in our ambitions for 2025, the formalisation of our commitments and standards, and a strategy to develop our certified and traced product offering throughout the supply chain.

Our ambitions for 2025:


  • 100% of our products and key raw materials traced
  • sustainable manufacturing, 100% in line with Zadig&Voltaire's standards



Joining the United Nations Global Compact

Zadig&Voltaire is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, thus committing to respect and promote its 10 principles in all its activities.

A Supplier Code of Conduct

integrated into the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, signed by all of the brand’s suppliers, committing them to respect, and ensure respect for, all of Zadig&Voltaire’s requirements.

Zadig&Voltaire’s Animal Welfare Standards

Also integrated into the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase signed by all of the brand’s suppliers. These are based on fundamental principles, particularly respect for the 5 Freedoms set out by the Farm Animal Welfare Council in 1992 and included in the definition of animal welfare used by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). In order to commit; set autocommit=1 to collective initiatives aimed at developing best practices across the channels with regard to animal welfare, Groupe Zadig & Voltaire is RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard) and is a member of the GCS (Good Cashmere Standard) and of the LWG (Leather Working Group) as of 2021.

Zadig&Voltaire Standards

Formalising the requirements in terms of traceability, sourcing of raw materials and use of chemicals that the brand’s suppliers must meet by 2025.


Zadig&Voltaire has chosen to accelerate the development of certified products with ambitious targets for 2025:


  • 100% of our cotton styles certified organically grown
  • 100% of our virgin cashmere styles certified "Good Cashmere Standard"
  • 100% our virgin wool styles certified "Responsible Wool Standard"
  • 100% of our viscose made from traced fibres from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% of our raw materials recycled and "Global Recycled Standard" certified
  • 100% of our leather from "Leather Working Groupe" certified tanneries



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